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Shoulder Blade Placement

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

For ideal body alignment, stabilising the shoulder blades on the ribcage is just as important as stabilising the spine on the pelvis. Poor shoulder blade stability can cause all sorts of problems in the neck and shoulders. Unfortunately our new age of computer use and poor forward slouching posture contributes to winging shoulder blades and a lack of ability to bring the shoulder blades into an ideal placement.

Here's a shoulder blade setting exercise for you to practice:

Shoulder Blade Isolations

Start in the pilates rest position and lift your arms up with your fingers reaching up to the sky.

Reach up from the base of your shoulder blade, through your arms and your fingertips to the ceiling. Your shoulder blade should glide upwards from the mat beneath you. Gently glide your shoulder blades back onto the mat.

Try to keep your neck and ribcage still and in contact with the floor. Keep your arms long throughout the movement focusing on the shoulder blade movement only.

Repeat 5-8 times.

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