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Head and Neck Position

The natural curve of the neck needs to be maintained for ideal posture and to prevent headaches. Our 21st century computer lifestyle has created a forward head posture. If you spend a minute looking at the people sitting around you, you will observe this forward head and slouched upper body posture.

Let's look at an exercise to correct this...

Start in the Pilates rest position and slowly nod your chin towards your chest. Keep the muscles on the front of your neck and jaw relaxed. It may help to place your tongue on the roof of your mouth and keep you jaw slightly apart.

Repeat 5-8 times in this lying down position. Once you have mastered this you can use a soft Pilates ball or try in seated or standing.

Try the following prompts to gain the correct head position...

- Lengthening through the back of the neck

- Imagine a string on the crown of your head gently being drawn to lengthen your neck

- Reaching the crown of your head away from your tailbone

- Imagine your head as a helium balloon floating upwards

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