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Our Pilates Approach is Different

We personally tailor pilates for injury management. We see movement differently and we train movement differently. We believe in treating you as a WHOLE being, not individual parts. 

We ensure that everyone is treated with a personal and unique approach and have years of experience working with clients with long term and chronic illnesses and injuries. 


Our Sports Therapists have APPI pilates training. APPI pilates is a research based approach targeting the unique challenges of today's population. APPI is founded by physiotherapists with a unique framework of exercises to enhance performance, muscle toning, rehabilitation, posture or just to be able to move more efficiently and free of pain and stiffness.

Why us?

We all know there are many pilates classes out there. So why should you book a small group class with us? 

  • We can help with injury rehabilitation and that transition to fitness training.

  • We have chronic illness training including: fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and hypermobility.

  • We can help with improving your posture, mobility and strong core under the observation of a graduate sports therapist.

  • We can help improve your breathing mechanics and sports performance through efficient movement patterns: run faster, jump higher, throw the ball farther, PR your deadlift.

  • We have the graduate experience to prevent injuries.

  • We have a holistic approach and can develop mind-body connection.

  • We can help promote healthy aging.

Contact us for more information by emailing 


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