Personally tailored pilates for injury management taught by a graduate Sports Therapist


“Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.” - Joseph Pilates


Pilates is not just about great posture and strengthening your core. It is more than just a physical exercise, it connects both your mental and emotional well being whilst strengthening and improving your body.

I am extremely passionate about treating the body and the mind. I am a Graduate Sports Therapist having graduated from the University of Hertfordshire in 2012. I embarked on my APPI pilates journey in 2019 as I noticed the lack of core strength in my clients.

APPI pilates is a research based approach targeting the unique challenges of today's population. APPI is founded by physiotherapists with a unique framework of exercises to enhance performance, muscle toning, rehabilitation, posture or just to be able to move more efficiently and free of pain and stiffness.

Annabel Moeser BSc (Hons) MSST

Graduate Sports Therapist and APPI Pilates student

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